Business Digitalization Ramifications

Business digitalization is a procedure in which the physical world integrates with the virtual one. A few examples include cyber-physical systems and smart production facilities. Other experiences are the influence of new software and services as well as the need to reimagine the way business is done. In this paper, we explore the business enterprise digitalization significance and outline 3 research gaps in this area. Ultimately, we can explore a number of the confident and adverse impacts on this new technology, and exactly how we can help businesses adapt to it.

The benefits of digitalization are the ability to group many persons and departments and connect those to create innovative ways to generate worth. This provides a low-risk environment for screening new concepts or ideas and showing that they operate. The authors suggest tech support team for digitalization to help companies close this gap. In the meantime, they recommend some concrete steps for companies to take to help make the transition. Finally, the aim is to enable a flourishing business environment.

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